iPhone Repair Isla Vista

iPhone Repair Isla Vista

Isla Vista

iPhone Repair Santa Barbara provides outreached iPhone repair services to the small college town of Isla Vista, California. The community of Isla Vista is predominantly made of college students studying at the neighboring University of California, Santa Barbara or the downtown City College of Santa Barbara. The beachside community which is populated at about 28,000 inhabitants sits on a plateau that is separated from the beach by a bluff. From the main street Del Playa, you can experience ocean side views with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the local Channel Islands on a clear day. Isla Vista neighbors Santa Barbara and that is why we extend our iPhone repair services to the students and families in that community.


iPhone Repair

When students experience the disappointment that follows a shattered screen, a broken LCD or a water damaged phone, iPhone Repair Santa Barbara is here to help you out. We understand that iPhone troubles can interfere with your studies and personal life while also taking a financial toll as well. As an alumni from UCSB, I understand the struggles of having a broken iPhone and usually only having to pick between two options: Buy a new iPhone or get your iPhone Repaired. The latter option is usually overlooked because the price of a repair is too expensive or too time consuming. That is why we offer 10% off all repairs, fast turnaround times (30 minutes or less), and a 90-day warranty on all repairs. We don’t want you to worry the next time you break your iPhone glass and need a repair, come in and we will take care of you.

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