iPhone 8 Plus Repair

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iPhone 8 Plus Repair

Thinking about getting your iPhone 8 Plus repaired? Come in to iPhone Repair Santa Barbara today for any inconvenience you may be experiencing with your iPhone 8 Plus. We have seen all sorts of issues associated with broken iPhones and we are prepared to help you get your device back in to working condition immediately. We offer free consultations, quality parts, expedite repairs and at the lowest prices you will find in Santa Barbara. Next time you break your iPhone 8 Plus, skip the line at Apple and come straight to us. We will have you in and out of the door in the time it takes Apple to realize they have customer waiting for assistance. As a local company we love assisting our locals, so come in today and get the assistance that true customer service demands. We accept iPhone 8 Plus damages ranging from screen repair, battery repair, front camera repair, rear camera repair, and tempered glass protector.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair

One of the common issues associated with the iPhone 8 plus is a cracked screen. Nobody likes glass spider webs on their screens so why not give us a call today to get a fast solution to your cracked screen difficulties. Our techs at iPhone Repair Santa Barbara are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that your device receives the most premium care during the repairment process. Cracked screens are ugly but so are bulky cases. Pick up a protective case from us that will fit in your pocket and provide adequate protection with a nice tempered glass screen protector on top to ensure maximum protection. Let's not have your screen break again - come in today and get it repaired the right way at the right cost. 

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Repair

Is your iPhone 8 Plus battery dying on you half-way through the day? Have too many issues with your charging port when your in the car twisting and turning the usb cord so that your iPhone charges properly? Stop letting yourself suffer from these minor nuisances - bring your iPhone in today and one of our repair techs will diagnose and fix whatever battery issues you may be experiencing.  


At iPhone Repair Santa Barbara, we make sure that your device is working like when you first purchased it brand new from the store. If you find that one of our repairs is not completely up to your standards bring it back in and we will fix it for you cost free. This is a part of our no cost, no obligation 90-day warranty that we guarantee with all of our repairs. Come visit our store today to have a quality repair and service you will love.