Let Us Introduce Ourselves



We are a local company dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs to Santa Barbara and our surrounding neighbors. iPhone Repair Santa Barbara was created to help our customers receive a positive experience when having to deal with the liability of a broken phone. We strive to attain a higher standard of quality than our competition without having our customer break the bank. 


Who We Are

Our company consists of a group of technicians who grew up in the surrounding area of Santa Barbara. We acknowledge that our community deserves technical support from a company that truly cares about the customer. That is why we are here - to cut out the corporate franchises and deliver true customer service.  


What We Do

Unlike other companies that repair everything under the sun - at iPhone Repair Santa Barbara we specialize in Apple product repair. We understand that having someone repair your device may seem stressful. That is why we pinpoint our focus on Apple products in order to provide you with unparalleled quality and expertise.  


Why We Do It

Simply put - we care about our community. That is why iPhone Repair Santa Barbara works; we prioritize our customers above anything else. Of course we love repairing broken devices but we receive our satisfaction through helping the members of our community. 


Our Business Ethics



Highest Standard in Quality

We believe that the quality of a repair is only as good as the quality of the part used to repair it. That is why we invest in the highest quality glass and replacement parts. Many companies like to cut corners by purchasing low quality parts. At iPhone Repair Santa Barbara we stand by all of our repairs and the replacement parts we use.

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Customer Satisfaction 

We will make your device look and feel brand new again! At iPhone Repair Santa Barbara we value your experience with us and value your satisfaction above all else. If there is something that doesn't fully meet your standards of excellence we will do our best to make sure that is does!


Environmental Sustainability

At iPhone Repair Santa Barbara, we care about our city and its environmental health! That is why we take proactive measures to recycle effectively and efficiently while conserving our energy use. We work along side companies such as the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara to make sure that we uphold the latest standards of resourcefulness and eco-friendly practices.